New Website for BPT Skerman

BPT Skerman, designers and manufacturers of world class processing systems, and part of the Winkworth Group, now has a brand new website!

The new stand-alone website, which features 90 unique pages, is easy to navigate, functional, flexible and aesthetically appealing for our customers and potential customers.

The new website, which is the result of extensive collaboration and user testing, has new navigation labels and dropdown menus to help users find a comprehensive range of batch processing equipment and systems for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, toiletries and cosmetics and confectionery industries.

In a concerted effort to provide customers with information about the right processing systems for their needs, innovative search facilities have been introduced. The new search facilities allow users to search for the most suitable equipment by applications or by industry.

A highlight of the new website entitled “I need help with...” features a list of nearly 40 alphabetically arranged phrases, to instantly connect a prospective customer with the best matched equipment for their activity, e.g. griddling, braising, emulsifying or homogenising.

The new website also includes "BPT Skerman’s expanded brand range which incorporates Premier Colloid Mixers and since 2004, Ystral (UK & Eire agency) range of disperser/homogenisers.

But don’t take our word for it - take a look a look for yourself at