Premier Colloid Mills Mixers

Premier Colloid Mills have been manufacturing and supplying mixing equipment and Colloid Mills for over eighty years.

Premier clients include some of the most prestigious names in industry, and we can supply specialised mixing and agitation equipment for a wide variety of applications within the Chemical, Water Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Food industries.

A range of mixing heads and impellers is available and offered according to the needs of each application:

  • Bullet point Marine propeller
  • Bullet point Dispersator
  • Bullet point Axial Flow Turbine
  • Bullet point Tri-Blade Turbine
  • Bullet point Radial Flow Turbine

Wetted materials can be manufactured in stainless steel, or carbon steel with special coatings of plastic or rubber compounds for more corrosive duties. Seals are selected to suit the duty, and Premier units are available ideally suited to the sanitary demands of the Pharmaceutical and Food industries.

We strive to deliver unbeatable customer service, assistance, and performance and are happy to answer any questions by phone +44 (0)1256 305 600 or email.

If you would like to visit the Premier Colloid Mills website, click on the link.